Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Official ICS from P7510 running on P7310

Samsung has yet not released any official Android 4.0.4 for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 Wifi but luckily the recently released kernel sources for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Wifi also contains the parts needed to compile a working kernel for the Samsung Galaxy 8.9 Wifi.

So all that was needed was to replace the kernel + modules and add ro.sf.hwrotation=90 to build.prop and the P7510 (SGT 10.1 Wifi) firmware works on the P7310 (SGT 8.9 Wifi).

While I haven't played around very much with it yet, everything seems to work except for the compass that is a bit off (which was expected).

For those who are brave (or stupid) enough to try it, go here:


  1. Where is the link to download the same ROM for the tab 10.1?
    For some reason I can't find it anywhere

    1. There are plenty of official ICS firmware for the P7510 here:

      You can also find several P7500 firmwares at the same site and they all need to be flashed with Odin (Google for guides on how to use Odin).

      If you want customized firmwares that are Clockwork flashable then you should have a look in the XDA forums: