Friday, February 28, 2014

ZombieBird goes HTML5

A really nice thing about libGDX is that it is cross-plattform and I managed to get the HTML5 version of ZombieBird running today.

Works fine in recent versions of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox but don't even bother trying Internet Explorer. Not sure about other browsers.

Play it here:

Also the graphics has been improved since the last post.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

The flying dead

So I was looking for a crossplatform library to use for game developing and I found libGDX which looked promising. While looking for examples I found a great tutorial by kilobolt. I've been following the tutorial but doing some tweaks of my own and it has been great fun and educating. I strongly recommend this tutorial for anyone who wants to get started with libGDX.

Today I decided to publish what I've done so far on Google Play Store.

Please realize that this is not the finished product and a lot can happen before it reaches version 1.0.

I also do not intend to use my newly acquired knowledge to make Flappy Bird clones, it's just a way to learn libGDX and make something fun at the same time.

I made it a bit harder than the example in the tutorial and now my kids complains that it's even harder than Flappy Bird so I might tweak the gameplay a bit in the next version.

Get it from Google Play Store