Sunday, October 28, 2012

Dear Spotify developers...

...why does Spotify still look like this on my Tablet?

When all it takes is a 2 minute hack with apktool to make it look like this:

At least the recent versions does not contain broken landscape layouts that needs removing like the ICS preview and the first releases did so now all it takes is a search and replace in the manifest, build new apk and the sign it. (This however does not feel right and I've seen there are already self-signed versions floating around on the net (no I did not make any of them). Modified and resigned apps are a security problem because unless you modified it yourself you cannot know what else has been changed.)

However, while missing landscape support was irritating but acceptable in the preview version you have pushed many new versions since then and landscape mode is still missing. Why?

If it looks stupid on my tablet, then imagine how it looks when I connect my Motorola Xoom to my 42 inch plasma.

So please, for me and for all the other Spotify premium users that runs Spotify on other devices than just phones, FIX THIS NOW!


  1. Good point, Really good point.
    It has been a topic on the Spotify Forum/FAQ for a while and as you said, there has been many versions since then...

  2. And now finally Spotify works in landscape mode without needing to be hacked first.

    I'm glad it works but I'm very unimpressed by the amazing amount of time they needed fix it.

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