Thursday, April 3, 2014

Thou shalt have no other mobile platforms before me

Apple isn't very welcoming to Android developers that tries to go cross-platform.

It seems they believe that my company logo (that I've used for a couple of years now) isn't healthy for their devoted users.

So I had to replace my logo with something less Android-friendly (for the iOS version) and upload a new binary for ZombieBird 1.1.

I suppose I could point out to them that "mention the name of any other mobile platform" and having a image that is similar to the Android icon isn't really the the same thing. Probably not worth the trouble.

I just find this a bit humorous and silly so I figured that at least I could post it here to warn other Android developers that plan to go cross-platform in the future.


  1. Hi, a question/bug about External Keyboard Helper Pro:
    In key mapping, special keys of Microsoft Sculpt bluetooth keyboard return all(1) scancode=125, then cannot be mapped.
    (1) except volume up/down, mute which have their own scancode
    Is there a way to map thoses special keys?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. What a silly reason to reject your apps!
    Have you tried Amazon? I installed the External Keyboard Helper demo in my Amazon Fire Tablet, and it runs perfectly. I love it! It'd be awesome to have the full version for Fire OS.

  3. Jeez, the app nazis strike again! I'm a Mac head but yet another reason to stick to Android mobile devices.


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