Sunday, September 14, 2014

ZombieBird goes Android Wear

So I got an LG G Watch earlier this week and yesterday I decided to try to get my game ZombieBird - The Flapping Dead running on it. It turned out to be easier than I expected. After removing the the ads and facebook support it pretty much ran out-of-the-box. After that all I needed to do was some adjusting for the 1:1 screen dimensions and remove some unneeded buttons.

Today I packaged the Android Wear version with the phone version of the app so if it is installed on a phone that is paired with a Wear device then the Wear device will get the Wear version of the app automatically. I'm not sure how I feel about that any Android app you install on your phone can contain Wear apps that are installed on your Wear device (no questions asked) automatically.

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  1. is 2020 , what hapened from 2014 , why no update?