Thursday, November 1, 2012


I finally gave in and preordered a Google Nexus 10 from the UK as I've seen no date on when it will be available here in Sweden.

Looks like a very nice device and I want to get my hands on Android 4.2 but since I recently bought a Samsung Galaxy S III I cannot really motivate getting a Google Nexus 4. At least not for now.

Funny that a 10-inch tablet has a higher screen resolution than my 42-inch plasma and my 23-inch computer displays at work but I'm not complaining. However, it is not the high res display that I'm most looking forward to try, but rather the features of Android 4.2. Finally tablets will get multiuser support which is something I've felt been missing since I got my first tablet.

Now... if I only had a time machine...

I'll try to make some unboxing photos when it arrives but I suppose the net will flooded with Nexus 10 unboxing pics and videos by then so I may not bother.


  1. I wonder how you order from the UK while you're in Sweden, I live in Belgium but am getting a message that the device can not be ordered in my country?

  2. I preordered it from

  3. Como coloco para que una tecla me lleve a app recientes? Por favor